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Long Trail & Appalachian Trail Hiker Services and Info

We offer you these services in the hopes of making your hike easier, please be considerate of others, both hiker and non-hiker and observe any rules or restrictions, Thanks!!

1. Packages: We do accept and hold re-supply packages for hikers at no charge:

 please note: Packages MUST be delivered via a direct delivery service (UPS, Fed EX etc) 

NOT THE US POST OFFICE which does not deliver to us as we have a PO box. 

We reserve the right to refuse any packages sent through the post office.

Packages sent thru the post office, if accepted will incur an additional $10 handling fee!

(PO box 267, Killington, VT 05751 is acceptable for letters to be held).

Please do not send packages more than 2 weeks in advance of your arrival, we hold in excess of 175 packages per summer and have limited storage.

Limit 2 packages per person, and packages must not exceed 25 lbs.

packages should be addressed as follows:

Your name and approx. arrival

Inn at Long Trail

709 US Rte.  4

Killington, VT 05751

2. Laundry facilities: .We do have a coin-op laundry, $5 includes wash, dry, laundry soap, dryer sheet.

3. Lodging: We do offer Through hikers and section hikers a discount (from May through mid September) on a walk-in basis only ( literally hike in) no reservations, first come first serve. If you would like to guarantee a room you may reserve at any time at the regular rate. Typically we have rooms available for this discount during the midweek, weekends we recommend a reservation if you really sure about your date of arrival.

Please note: Room rates are determined by the number of people not the number of beds. Price, either discount or regular includes a full breakfast in the morning. Room (discount or regular) use of beds and showers are for registered guests only.

4. Dogs: Dogs are not allowed in the main building or by the entrances and must be leashed at all times, There are a few spots to temporarily tie your dog outside. We have only 1 hiker with dog discount room available midweek (sunday - thurs nights) but not weekends. This room cannot be reserved. For reservations in our suites - please see our pet policy first. Sorry, it is not acceptable to leave your dog tied up outside to take a regular hiker room.

5. Camping: Camping/ cooking is not allowed on premises. We do however maintain an area across Route 4 for hikers to pitch tents, especially when rooms are not available. This is free, with a 2 night max, but use of our public bathrooms as a clean up station is not acceptable. Campfires are not allowed.

       Happy Trails,

     Patty  &  Murray McGrath

     Inn at Long Trail

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