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Pet Policy

1. Pets are allowed with approval in the suites as they have outside entry (limited rooms available). Pets are not allowed in the main Inn. Limit of 1 pet per room ($10 charge per night).

2. You can not leave your pet unattended unless they are confined to a crate. We reserve the right to enter any room with pet unattended.

3. Dogs need to be leashed at all times. Please walk to far west end of property to relieve themselves.

4. You are responsible for assuring  your pet does not disturb other guests.

5. A signed credit card imprint must be on file at the front desk for damage deposit.

6. We welcome you & your pet. We ask that you observe the rules that are set to ensure all guests enjoy their stay. If a problem arises that can not be resolved you will be asked to leave with out refund.

Pet Policy